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6 Common Signs You Need Heating Repair

Chico, CA experiences three months long winter with an average temperature of 38° F. Sometimes, the temperature goes as low as 30° F. When the winter is too harsh on you, the worst thing that can happen is a malfunctioning heating system.

If you notice these signs of the inefficiency of your heating unit and schedule a timely heating repair in Chico, CA, you will not have to bear the poor heating performance for longer.
6 Signs it’s time to schedule heating repair.

Signs That Let You Know When You Need A Heating Equipment Repair

1. Cold Spots In The Room

If you feel cold spots and uneven heating, your furnace is inefficient in warming up the entire room. The reasons can be your system lacks cleaning and annual maintenance. An internal defect also leads to uneven heating.

You will need to schedule a repair to fix the internal effect. Poor wiring is also responsible for poor heating. Do not tackle wiring or power supply-related problems yourself to avoid electric shock risk.

2. Your Furnace Became Noisy

If the HVAC operation is not quiet, it takes away your peace. When the furnace suddenly becomes noisy, the system is probably dealing with some damage that needs immediate attention from a technician.

The most common furnace malfunctions noises you will hear are humming, bubbling, hissing, and clicking.

3. The Pilot Light Changes Color

The usual pilot light color is blue. If you notice any other color except blue in the pilot light, your heating equipment is not in good condition, and it should be repaired.

The yellow pilot light indicates a carbon monoxide leak, whereas the orange light indicates rusting in the system.

4. Higher Utility Bills

When the electricity bills suddenly increase due to too much consumption by heating equipment, the furnace has been degraded and needs repair to enhance efficiency.

It is common for a decade-old furnace to consume excessive electricity because of a worn-out mechanism. Consider replacement over repair in this situation.

5. Unusual Poor Odors

Poor orders from the furnace should never be avoided. It is a sign of harmful gas leakage, bad air quality, and severe HVAC damage that affect your health. Mostly a furnace releases bad odor when it is too dirty inside, or a rodent is dead inside the furnace.

Cleaning the entire system can help you fix this problem. If you are still experiencing poor odors, contact the HVAC professional for an inspection.

6. An Increase In Heating Time

Inadequate electricity supply can be the reason for longer heating time. If the furnace is taking too long hours to heat the room, and it is not heating up as quickly as it used to, you need to troubleshoot this malfunction by scheduling a heating repair in Chico, CA.

If you come across any signs of heater malfunctions, it is good that you schedule a heating repair right away. There is no heating issue that Climate and Energy Solutions cannot fix. We also offer heating installation in Chico, CA, in case your heater needs to be replaced. Click here to request an estimate.