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Ductless Replacement In Chico, CA

Ductless Replacement In Chico, Oroville, CA and Surrounding Areas

How to Know When You Need Ductless Replacement

Do you have a ductless AC system that is showing signs of wear and tear? As reliable as mini-split systems are, these machines still have a limited lifespan that can be shortened if not properly maintained. When you need ductless replacement in Chico, CA or any of the surrounding areas, Contact Climate and Energy Solutions!

The design and innovation behind ductless HVAC systems are constantly evolving. New models are more efficient and capable of handling your heating and cooling needs. By replacing your worn-out system, you can get back to the energy efficiency status you’re used to.


If you’re unsure whether repair or replacement is right for you, there are a few things you can try before scheduling your ductless replacement. However, if you’re frequently calling for repairs, replacement is probably your best option. 

When to Consider Ductless Replacement

  1. Ductless System Is Totally Unresponsive: If you have adjusted your thermostat a few more degrees and your ductless system remains quiet, you might need a replacement.

  2. Ductless System Breaker Is Tripped: If you find that the breaker in your home’s electrical panel that is designated for your ductless system is tripped, simply reset it. If the system does not come back on and immediately re-trips the breaker, you may need a replacement. If you reset the breaker and the unit comes back to life only to run for a few moments, then re-trip itself, leave the breaker in the off position, and contact Climate and Energy Solutions regarding your ductless issues.

  3. Ductless System Comes on but Isn’t Blowing Any Air: If you can hear the outdoor portion of your ductless system respond to the call for operation and the inside portion remains idle and produces no air output, it might be time for ductless replacement in Chico, CA.

In any of the above instances, do what so many other satisfied customers in the Chico and Oroville areas have done. Call our team at Climate and Energy Solutions to schedule a replacement consultation for your ductless system.

4 Reasons Ductless Replacement in Chico, CA Is Necessary

If you’ve had your mini-split for some time, it may start to experience problems as it ages. With regular maintenance, these systems can last 10-12 years, but eventually, they will become less efficient or need replacement. Knowing when to save money on repairs and opt for a new system is crucial for home and business owners. We’re here to help you understand that decision! 

Is It Time for Ductless Replacement in Chico?

Let’s cover a few telltale signs that it might be time to consider ductless replacement in Chico, CA. Ductless units are called mini-splits because they have two basic parts. An indoor unit circulates the cool air and/or heat, and an outdoor unit, the compressor, creates cool or warm air that the indoor unit circulates. Here are a few problems your ductless unit can face:

  1. Refrigerant Line Malfunction: There are two lines that run from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. One of these is the refrigerant line. This is the line responsible for carrying the coolant necessary to lower the temperature in your home. This line can break or leak and, if not caught early, can damage the compressor unit, resulting in failure of the unit.
  2. Condenser Line Break: This line carries away the water that is removed from the air by your circulating unit. This may not cause total failure of the unit but can cause a disaster in your home if not caught. If there is a leak in this line, it can cause water damage to your walls, deteriorating your drywall and wall structures. This results in instability in the unit and black mold if not caught early.
  3. Compressor Break-Down: When the compressor stops running, it’s because the motor has died. This type of malfunction is one that warrants system replacement.
  4. High Electric Bills: This is a sign that your system has aged beyond its efficient lifespan. An aging unit will lose its ability to cool or heat effectively, and replacement will be necessary. There could be several other factors affecting it that should be considered first, such as dust or debris in the filters or parts that need to be replaced.  Our professional can deduce the problem and advise you accordingly.

If you are looking for a ductless replacement in Chico, CA or surrounding areas, call Climate and Energy Solutions today! We’ll diagnose your system and determine if a replacement is absolutely necessary. You can trust us to be there every step of the replacement process. Call us to get started! 

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