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5 Signs That You Need AC Repair In Chico, CA

An AC not running in prime condition will only mean that you will struggle to keep your home at the right temperature. Home is where the comfort is, whether it is chilly or hot outside. Unfortunately, you cannot always tell when you need air conditioner repair services because your AC may still work. Contact Us Today for AC Repair In Chico, CA and Surrounding Areas.AC Repair In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas

At Climate and Energy Solutions, we have skilled technicians who can inspect your air conditioner and repair it, allowing you to take control of the comfort of your home. If you see these 5 warning signs, it may be time to call AC repair services.

An air conditioner is vital in every home, especially during summer. It allows the flow of fresh and cool air that you need to feel comfortable. However, it can become faulty and fail to function as required.

For the best repair services in Chico, CA, Climate & Energy Solutions is your go-to firm. We have all the equipment needed to repair your AC and give you the lifestyle that you desire. Below are tell-tale signs that your AC needs repair.

  1. Increased Energy Bills: It is normal for utility bills to fluctuate by a few dollars each month. However, increased energy bills will catch your attention and may mean that your air conditioner is not running efficiently. Contacting repair services could save you a lot of money.

  2. Unusual Noises: It’s normal for your AC to make some noises whenever you turn it on or off. However, if it produces abnormal noises all through, it’s a sign of malfunction. In such cases, you need to hire our technicians sooner before the problem worsens.
    Before conducting any AC repair in Chico on your unit, our technicians will do a thorough inspection to identify the source of the problem. The repair of your air conditioner then follows, leaving your home cooler and comfortable to live in.
    Whether you hear screeching, banging, clicking or other unusual noises coming from your AC, you should not ignore them. Any sudden, loud, or strange noises can indicate that your air conditioner has major problems.
    Buzzing noises could signal that the AC has loose parts while whistling noises could indicate a more serious issue. A professional tune-up is important.

  3. Insufficient Airflow: If your home is warmer than usual, it means your AC is faulty. Insufficient airflow could be due to trapped dirt, dust, and hair in the filters. Thus, our HVAC professionals will inspect and clean your air filter, repair the motor or handle any problem causing inadequate airflow.
    Still, we recommend the use of energy-recovery ventilators for those experiencing insufficient airflow. This is crucial for those seeking AC repair in Chico. It is a great strategy if you need to stay cool during summer with a faulty air conditioning unit.

  4. Bad Odors: Pungent smells in your home could be due to a problem with the AC. If you live in Chico, CA, and have a smelly home due to HVAC issues, we have you covered. Our technicians clean the duct and the entire air conditioner to eliminate the bad odor. Again, we use ultraviolet lamps to remove any microbial growth that causes bad odor and discomfort in your home. You can be guaranteed that your home will become fresher than you expected.
    Any bad odors in your home will make everyone uncomfortable. It would be best to deal with the issue before it becomes smellier by calling AC repair services. Our experts can quickly assess the situation and decide if you need a complete cleaning session or a more high-tech solution.

  5. Poor Airflow: Insufficient airflow may indicate that your air conditioner is not working as it should or that your home’s ductwork is blocked. A broken motor or clogged air filter may be to blame also.

When you see these signs, do not hesitate to call air conditioner repair services. At Climate and Energy Solutions, we have skilled experts that will assess your AC and repair it at affordable prices. Contact us today.
If your AC has any of the above signs, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with us today. You can also call us at (530) 338-0191.

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One of the most successful strategies that an individual uses to battle the heat at home is switching on their AC. This can work for some time until your AC begins to wear out. If you notice strange sounds from your AC, it may require an Air Conditioning Repair in Chico, CA. Don’t know who to call? Well, Climate & Energy Solutions is the best in the industry when it comes to Air conditioning repair!

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