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AC Maintenance In Chico, CA

AC Maintenance In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas

You know how it always happens.  On the hottest day of the year you head home, turn the air conditioner up, and all you feel is hot air blowing out. You need to call an air conditioning professional right away, but on the hottest day of the year, you know most technicians are already busy fixing other systems. Contact Us Today for AC Maintenance In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas.
AC Maintenance and Tune Up

Yes, air conditioning systems can fail on the hottest day of the year if not properly maintained. Now is the time to have an HVAC expert look at your air conditioning system and perform any maintenance it needs so that when the hottest day of the year happens you can relax in air-conditioned comfort. And the people to call for AC maintenance in Chico are the professionals at Climate and Energy Solutions.

Climate and Energy Solutions offers a team of licensed and experienced energy technicians. They can show you how to maintain your system and how to keep your energy costs low. They also can show you how to:

  • Keep the Area Around the AC Coils Clean and Clear
  • Check And Replace Your Filters
  • Make sure that the Drain Channels Are Working Properly; and,
  • Check and Adjust Refrigerant Levels

Proper maintenance can help prevent those strange noises and weaker cooling that a poorly maintained system produces. And with everyone trying to save money these days, it’s good to remember that poorly maintained systems cost you more money in energy costs month after month.  Our technicians will fully inspect your system and if AC maintenance, repair, or replacement is needed they will present you with cost-effective options. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee lets you know that we will do the job, do it right, and never pressure you into something you don’t really need.  We offer flat-rate, up-front pricing, and no money down government backed financing options. Need AC maintenance in Chico right away? No problem. We offer emergency service as well.

Don’t wait for the hottest day of the year. Call us for the best AC maintenance in Chico.

4 Off-The-Cuff AC Maintenance Tips To Improve Comfort And Efficiency

A well-maintained air conditioning unit often operates efficiently, uses less energy, and is cost-effective. Besides, it experiences fewer breakdowns and a prolonged lifespan. As a homeowner, this is something you oblige to achieve when preparing for the year’s hottest days.

Though it is recommended to call a properly trained and licensed HVAC technician, homeowners can handle a few routine AC maintenance tasks. Still, it would help if you observe safety precautions before performing any servicing job on your cooling system.

With that, here are AC maintenance tips to get through the summer hassle-free;

  • Change Or Clean Air Filters: Replacing and cleaning air filters is the most critical maintenance task to improve efficiency. Changing one-inch pleated filters at least once a month gives you the comfort you desire during the summer. Cleaning filters also help improve air quality whenever you turn on your air conditioner.
  • Check The Thermostat: Examining the thermostat is a straightforward maintenance practice for homeowners. Check for faults or any other mechanical damages. If it is old, replacing or upgrading to a smart and programmable model is the right thing to do.
  • Straighten Bent Coil Fins: Evaporator and condenser coils include aluminum fins that are easily bent when the air conditioner is running. Once bent, airflow may be compromised, leading to reduced air circulation, eventually inadequate cooling. Routine straightening of coils helps maximize airflow and improve efficiency.
  • Remove Debris: Outdoor AC units are prone to collect leaves, grass, and dirt. This can lead to decreased system capacity and reduced airflow. Trim shrubs or any other plants back that seem to grow around your air conditioner.

Maintaining your air conditioning system is important to attaining optimum performance during extreme temperature conditions. However, some maintenance practices are best left to experienced HVAC technicians, and that is what we do here at Climate & Energy Solutions.

If you need professional AC maintenance in Chico, CA, contact us today at (530) 338-0191!

Contact Us Today for AC Maintenance In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas