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Heating Maintenance In Chico, CA

Heating Maintenance In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas

Heating systems keep our homes and workplaces warm when temperatures drop below zero. It’s a great feeling when you stay warm despite the freezing temperatures outside. However, if these systems become inefficient or breakdown, you’re likely to have an uncomfortable home or office. Hiring a professional HVAC can, in turn, giving you the comfort you deserve. Contact Us Today for Heating Maintenance In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas.
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Professional Heating Maintenance Technician Duties

  • Check For Corrosion Or Damages In The Heat Exchanger: Signs of damage in the heat exchanger may include foul smells and yellow flames. HVAC technicians check for these signs during maintenance and repair any emerging issues.
  • Assess The Air Filter: HVAC specialists clean any dirt build-up in the air filter. They also replace it if it’s damaged beyond repair. This allows clean, warm, and fresh air to flood the entire house.
  • Inspect The Vent System: Mold may form in the vent system over time. Here, technicians look for green, black, brown, or yellow growth signs of mold. They also remove any blockages that could prevent the flow of clean, warm air into the building.
  • Scrutinize Electrical Connections: Sometimes, faulty electrical connections may cause your heating system to malfunction. During heating maintenance, technicians tighten any loose wires. Again, they replace any damaged wiring that could reduce the heating system’s performance.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Moving parts can wear out due to friction. HVAC technicians can use mineral lubrication oils to reduce friction and improve overall performance.
  • Examine The Blower: Using a blower for a long time without maintenance can make it clog. Maintenance allows technicians to clean dirt and dust build-up to prevent the heating system from failing.
  • Inspect And Calibrate The Thermostat: A bad thermostat is often unresponsive when you press any buttons. HVAC specialists calibrate it properly so that it can read the correct temperature in your home or workplace.
  • Examine The Belts: During maintenance, technicians check for any wear on the belt. This keeps the heating system functional and prevents squealing noises and overheating.

Stay On Top of Your Heating Maintenance In Chico, CA

When most people think of Southern California, they think of sunshine and warm weather. But, there are those days when the heating system in your Chico, California home or business gets called on to bring the temperature up a few degrees. With all the warm weather days in this area, your heating system is sitting idle for many days and even months at a time. So, in order for your heating system to perform on demand, you need to have the proper heating maintenance plan in place. When you sign up for a heating maintenance plan from Climate and Energy Solutions, you are in essence buying an insurance policy for your Butte County home or business in regard to your heating system performance. The heating maintenance agreement from Climate and Energy Solutions is a very comprehensive system check of your heating system and can catch potential problems that could turn into expensive heating repairs if not properly addressed. But, in addition to this heating maintenance plan, there are things that you can do yourself as part of this plan.Some of those things are:
  • Monthly Filter Changes: In this past year, it has become clear that the indoor air quality in your home should be addressed. One of the best ways to begin improving indoor air quality is by making those filters are changed on a regular basis. This also might be a good time to upgrade your filter choice to a more efficient one.
  • Keep Vents and Return Air Grill Clean: Your heating system will operate more effectively when all vents as well as the return air grill are kept clean and dust free.
  • Upgrade Your Thermostat: You can also get more efficiency from your heating system by having a newer more efficient thermostat installed.
Having a heating maintenance plan from Climate and Energy Solutions gives you peace of mind in your Chico, California home or business!

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If you need to prepare better for the winter, ensure your heating system operates at its maximum levels. Climate & Energy Solutions thrives in offering routine heating unit maintenance services to Chico, residents, and surrounding areas.

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