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Heating Repair In Chico, CA and Surrounding Areas

5 Warning Signs You Need Heating Repair in Your Home

As winter fast approaches, homeowners should ensure that their heat pumps are in good condition. With the cold weather outside, your family relies on your HVAC to be comfortable and warm inside the home. If you’re having trouble with your heating system, contact us today for heating repair In Chico, CA and the surrounding areas.

Climate and Energy Solutions has decades of experience serving our community and is here to help you prepare for the year’s coldest days. Below are common signs you need heating repairs in your home.

Day and Night Heating
  1. Increasing Energy Bills: If your heater has less performance, it is evident you need repairs. This is because the unit may become less efficient. Besides, it works even harder to ensure your home is warm during the year’s coldest days.
    In return, your energy bills will increase and may cost you a fortune warming your home. If your heater is repaired, it tends to work correctly and save you lots of money every month.
  2. Uneven Heating: Though your heater is working, there could be uneven heating between different rooms. If you notice that you feel cold despite turning the heater on or some cold spots in your home, you need heating repair.
    Before repairing your heater, our technicians conduct a thorough inspection to determine the real cause of the problem. You can be rest assured that we leave your home warm and comfortable once we work on your heating system.
  3. Foul Smells: Turning your heating unit on means getting fresh and warm air to enjoy during winter. However, it could produce a bad odor after staying dormant for long. Such smells may occur when the system goes for several months without maintenance.
    Naturally, foul smells may indicate more problems with your HVAC system. When we come to your home, we conduct a thorough inspection to ascertain the cause of the smell and repair it sooner to satisfy your comfort needs.
  4. Weird Noises: If your heater makes noises such as whistling, banging, or rattling, it needs repair. Though some noises may not seem like a big deal, they can lead to further problems.
    Common noises may result from ignition or ductwork problems. Thus, you shouldn’t ignore these noises. Instead, hire our technicians to repair your heater and give you the comfort you deserve during cold months.
  5. Carbon monoxide Detector Beeping: Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and dangerous gas that can be quite dangerous to humans. The heater works to ensure your home is free against such harmful gases that may cause severe health problems.
    But when the carbon monoxide detector beeps, call emergency HVAC repair services immediately. The problem could be in the heat exchanger, which is a critical element in your heating unit. A technician can readily assess the system and fix the problems hassle-free.

If you need to keep your home heated and comfortable during winter, we are your go-to firm. We provide state-of-the-art heating repair solutions for all Chico, CA, residents. For more information, call us at (530) 338-0191.

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DIY Maintenance to Avoid Heater Repair

While we do recommend scheduling regular maintenance before the start of the winter season, there are a few DIY checks and inspections that you can do to extend the life of your furnace.  

  • Inspect your air filter for excessive dust and dander that may be clogging the filter. If the filter is clogged, the furnace has to work harder to push fresh air throughout the house. Change the air filter every 1 to 3 months. 
  • Inspect vents and ducts for cleanliness. If the vents and ducts are clogged with dust and dirt, just like the clogged air filter, this can prevent heat from flowing throughout the house and exerting the furnace. If you find your vents or ducts are clogged, take off your vent covers to clean away the debris.  
  • Make sure all of your vents are open. You may think you’re saving money by closing vents in portions of the house that have little use for heat, but you’re actually putting stress on the furnace. Closing the vents makes your heater run less efficiently when the unit can’t provide air to the space it was rated for. 
  • Inspect the outside of the exhaust pipe for corrosion, holes, or blockages. These can cause carbon monoxide to leak back into the house. Small holes can be patched with foil tape. Big holes or corrosion will have to be repaired by a professional.

What Does an Annual Heater Service Schedule Look Like? 

When you schedule annual maintenance services with Climate and Energy Solutions, you’re making an investment in the lifespan of your heating system. We follow a meticulous maintenance checklist to ensure your system runs smoothly all season long. 

  • Check Thermostat Settings
  • Tighten All Electrical Connections
  • Lubricate All Moving Parts
  • Check and Inspect the Condensation Drain
  • Check the Controls of the Furnace
  • Check All Gas Connections
  • Check the Gas Pressure
  • Check Burner Combustion
  • Check the Heat Exchanger

To schedule your annual inspection visit, give our team a call or visit our website to learn more! Scheduling maintenance is one way to avoid costly heating repairs in Chico, CA by being proactive and catching issues before they escalate. 

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Don’t let heating issues disrupt your peace and comfort at home. Contact Climate and Energy Solutions today for heating repair in Chico, CA. Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to providing top-notch heating repair services, ensuring your heating system operates efficiently and reliably. We’re here to keep you warm and cozy, no matter how cold it gets outside! 

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