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6 Reasons Your Furnace Is Running Constantly

In winter, you need your heating system to run for long hours. However, you should be concerned if you notice it constantly running even after the desired temperature is set. If you do notice this happening, call a professional for heater repair in Chico, CA to ensure you stay warm through the season.

The constant running of your heater is related to short cycling. If your heater runs for more than 15 minutes in one cycle and turns on and off frequently, it is problematic. If the problem persists for a long time, your heater might break down, and that is why you should be aware of the following reasons why your furnace is not turning off.

Signs Which Indicate That Your Furnace Is Constantly Running

  • The Fan Is Set To On

The fan settings on your thermostat might be why your furnace never stops running. Check the settings; if the fan is set to on, it will direct the blower to run constantly without referring to the temperature. You can change the fan settings to auto and see if the blower stops running extra and only when the furnace is on.

  • Poor Insulation

Often, your heater is working extra only to compensate for the lack of insulation in your house. The problem lies in your doors, windows, attic, or basement, as there are gaps from where the warm air escapes, and you are left with an overworking furnace. To prevent such issues, use insulation tape and caulk, or ask your technician to find a reliable solution.

  • The Temperature Is Set Very High

You might think setting a high temperature will heat your house soon and save energy. However, it might cause your furnace to run on and on. Lower the temperature by a few degrees, and with the fan on auto mode, you can see if the cycle turns off itself.

  • Dirty Air Filters

Clogged air filters are the main cause of your furnace’s short cycling. Since the amount of air flowing over the heat exchanger is reduced due to dirt and debris on the filters, your furnace will exhaust itself to produce warm air and shut down to prevent further damage. After cooling down, it will turn on again, and the problem will repeat. Therefore, schedule routine cleaning and filter replacement with an expert.

  • Extremely Cool Environment

When the outdoor temperature goes down to minus degrees, your furnace works extra hard to keep your house warm and comfortable. If you face daily storms and snow, it is nothing to worry about, as your heater is working overtime to maintain the desired indoor temperature. In such cases, your heater will return to its normal cycles as soon as the outdoor weather settles.

  • Faulty Blower

A malfunctioning blower might be the reason for your furnace running constantly. When the blower fails to produce warm air, your heater remains on to get it to work. It might be due to broken wires and other electrical faults. So, ask your technician to fix the issue, do not try it yourself.

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