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7 Common Mini-Split Problems And How To Fix Them

A mini-split, also known as a ductless air system, enables you to regulate the temperature of one room by coupling an indoor air handler unit to an outdoor condenser unit without the need for ductwork.

Problems That Can Occur With Your Mini-Split And How You Can Fix Them

Draining Water Or Just Dripping Water

There could be a problem with the condensate drain or drain line if your mini-split is dripping water or not draining water. A mold-filled blockage in a drain pipe causes water to back up, and the spill is expected to have happened here.


Mini-splits often make little noise when they’re operating. However, here are a few instances when they most probably would. Popping or clicking can be caused by the plastic housing changing in size as the device is running.

If your mini-split enters defrost mode to prevent freezing up, you could hear swooshing, cracking, or gurgling sounds. The problem can be identified and fixed by any Chico HVAC contractor.

Isn't Blowing Hot Air Or Heating

Frozen coils may be blamed if your mini-split isn’t heating or blowing hot air. Frozen coils might be caused by insufficient refrigerant, a malfunctioning circuit board, or faulty sensors.

Doesn't Cool Or Blow Cold Air

Your mini-split may have a refrigerant leak if it isn’t cooling or blowing cold air. Your mini-split air conditioner uses refrigerant to transfer heat and keep your home cool. Call an HVAC specialist from any Chico HVAC contractor with the proper training to fix these problems.

Does Not Dry Out

A mini-split performs excellently and dehumidifies throughout the summer, much like a regular air conditioner. However, obstructions in the condensate drain pipe might stop this.

If your mini-split air conditioner is too big, it might be another factor contributing to its poor dehumidifying performance. The size of a mini-split depends on both square footage and BTUs.

Unable To Turn On

If your mini-split won’t turn on, start by looking at the remote. You can’t turn on your mini-split if the batteries are faulty. Replacing the batteries with new ones usually solves the problem. Call an AC professional if you are still having issues.

Bad Odors

Your ductless mini-split attempts to alert you that something is amiss if it emits a scent. Your mini-split probably has a mold problem if it smells musty, sour, or like mildew.

If required, have the condensate drain and drain line inspected and cleaned by an AC professional. You most likely have a refrigerant leak if your mini-split emits a sweet or vinegar-like stench.


Keeping your ductless micro splits clean and well-maintained can prevent them from breaking down.
If you have any of these problems, then immediately contact a specialist.

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