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AC Repair in Oroville, CA

AC Repair in Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas

AC Repair In Chico, Oroville, Durham, CA and Surrounding Areas

Imagine this: you and your family are having a great lunch when suddenly, your air conditioner stops working, disrupting your enjoyable day. But did you know that up to 90% of air conditioning issues and emergencies can be prevented? Regular maintenance is key to avoiding the need for AC repair in Oroville, CA, ensuring your pleasant days remain uninterrupted.


If your system is malfunctioning, give us a call! We’ll be there quickly to solve the problem and bring cool comfort back to your home. 

About Us

At Climate and Energy Solutions, we strive to make having your HVAC system serviced or repaired as cost-effective as possible. Our trained staff is ready to provide you with unparalleled service. 

Since 1985, our goal has been to offer high-quality HVAC solutions to our customers in Chico, CA. You should know that when you call Climate and Energy Solutions, you’ll obtain the most excellent equipment for your demands and budget.

What Can We Do to Assist You?

To identify the system’s problem, we go through several troubleshooting actions. Our topmost objective is to provide excellent customer service. When you call us for AC repair in Oroville, CA, we’ll explain the issue and provide written repair recommendations before beginning any work.

Our Energy Star-certified equipment can save a lot of energy and pay for itself in a few years, thanks to affordable power costs. A home performance review will look at how much energy you use and give recommendations for how you may save money.

Services Provided by Us

  • New & replacement AC installation
  • Air conditioning repair & maintenance
  • New & replacement heat pump installation
  • Heat pump repair & maintenance
  • 24-hour emergency AC or heating repairs
  • New & replacement heating installation
  • Commercial HVAC services
  • Attic insulation installation
  • Solar panel installation
  • Power wall installation
  • Home energy solutions

Who Do We Serve?

Residential Services: We always put our customers first, and your comfort is one of our top concerns. Our residential HVAC experts bring years of experience and training to their jobs, as well as the satisfaction that comes with a job well done.

Our specialists provide all the services you need to keep your home comfortable all year long. Our services encompass air conditioning repair, maintenance, installation, and more.

Commercial Services: We are the most dependable commercial HVAC contractor in the area. Our comfort specialists have received extensive training to handle the many types of equipment serviced by commercial enterprises. Call us for AC repair in Oroville, CA if you own a retail space, restaurant, office, or other commercial business. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Being a member of our maintenance program has numerous advantages, including:

  • Keep your air conditioner or heater from breaking down.
  • Improving the air quality in your home.
  • Increasing the system’s lifespan.
  • Meeting extended warranties’ maintenance requirements.
  • All repairs are eligible for a 15% discount.
  • Getting priority service for any repairs that are required.
  • If you are dissatisfied with our maintenance service for any reason within 30 days, we will come out and fix it or give you a refund.

Climate and Energy Solutions is here to assist you to the best of our ability to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services. Contact us today for AC repair in Oroville, CA. We can’t wait to hear from you!