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At Climate & Energy Solutions, we value you and your family. It’s difficult to wade through the options for air conditioning installation and replacement. Depending on your home and individual needs, there are a variety of options available to you. We have a variety of financing options to ensure that you get the compassionate care you deserve––at a reasonable cost. Our team has serviced the Chico area for over 30 years, and we promise the most professional service possible.

If you’re looking into Chico AC installation or replacement, call us at (530) 779-0002 for a free first service call.

How Do I Know It Is Time to Replace My AC Unit?

AC units generally last around ten years, depending on conditions and maintenance. If your AC unit is experiencing issues, you could need a simple unit repair or a full replacement.

Look for the following signs to replace your AC unit:

  • If your energy bill is rising, your AC unit may be working less efficiently or wasting energy
  • Your home may be warmer in the summer, which means your AC unit isn’t working as quickly or functioning well
  • If you have a continued presence of dust in your home, your ductwork could have holes or damage that needs to be replaced
  • Your AC unit may be breaking down regularly, and the cost of continued repairs may be more than a brand-new replacement

Helping You Make the Best Choice for a New AC System

If you’re wondering about different choices for AC installation, talk to a professional to weigh the pros and cons. You may prefer a ductless system over central air, or want a specific customization. Consult with a Chico HVAC expert to consider important factors like efficiency, size, and cost. Climate & Energy Solutions has extensive experience with all kinds of AC units and will guide you in the best decision for your family whether it is a salvageable AC repair or a needed AC replacement.

Call our knowledgeable staff at (530) 779-0002 to get answers for any AC installation questions you have.

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