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Different Ways To Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency And Save Money

June to mid-September in Chico, CA, becomes comfortable and pleasant because of the help air conditioning units. The AC becomes a necessity, especially in July, which has been crowned as the hottest month in Chico, CA. When you constantly use your AC for 3 to 4 months or sometimes even during fall, the AC’s efficiency starts degrading. There are multiple ways to improve the efficiency of your AC and save money.

We Have Enlisted 7 Unique Ways To Increase The Efficiency Of Your System:

1. A Location Check: The accurate choice of location is not only for the indoor AC unit, but the installation location should also be favorable for the outdoor unit and thermostat. There should be no such thing nearby that can hinder AC’s airflow. The thermostat should be away from the reach of direct sunlight or heat.

2. Balanced Ventilation: Keeping the window open is good, but not at that time when AC is in use. When you keep your window open while your AC is in use, the airflow goes out, and it takes more energy for the AC to keep the room cool. Close the window and doors, and put the curtains on the windows to prevent excessive heat from reaching indoors. Let the stale air go out, and fresh air comes in when your AC is off.

3. Make Your AC Dirt And Dust-Free: Every AC component should be clean. You should replace the air filter every month as the filter is responsible for trapping the dust, dirt, and other contaminants. It stops these particles from entering the components of AC.

4. Seal The Crack And Prevent The Leakage: There should be no crack in the ductwork. If you find any, get it sealed soon. Also, the insulation should not be rotten. We advise installing extra insulation for safety. Even the ductless AC leaks. When you hear bubbling or gurgling noise from your ductless AC or water leakage, in this situation, calling the technician for ductless AC repair in Chico, CA, should be your next step.

5. Thermostat Temperature Plays A Vital Role:  Raise your temperature setting by 5 degrees during summer and lower it down during fall or winter. If you have a programmable thermostat, it is already saving energy. It can automatically set temperature as required. The timer feature of the thermostat is also very useful in increasing the efficiency of the AC.

6. Try The AC Zoning System: The zoning system is extremely useful as it gives you full control over the temperature of different rooms. You can set the varying temperature for each room individually in a zoning system. 

7. Keep Annual Servicing At The Top: Your AC needs a tune-up every year, at least twice. Do not skip annual AC servicing as there are some minor faults that you cannot detect, but they become significant later.

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