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How Long Does A Replaced Air Conditioner Take To Install?

You are probably seeking professional air conditioning repair in Chico, CA, or trying to replace your existing system. It takes almost 4-8 hours to install a replacement air conditioner, and it would be a hassle-free job if done by professionals. While AC systems can last up to 25 years, some start breaking down soon. Even though modern approaches have improved the durability and functionality of today’s HVAC systems, HVAC installation still takes time and planning.

Many HVAC owners are confused about HVAC installation and replacement. They are stressed about how much time the new heating and cooling system might take to install and how long it will take for them to be able to enjoy their new HVAC unit. The replacement and installation process might feel complicated, but it can be executed easily by following simple steps.

Important Steps To Be Followed During AC Installation

Calculating The Heating And Cooling Loads

Depending on various factors, heating and air conditioning installation might take up to three days. It entails several important actions that the HVAC professional must be careful with. While beginning the installation process, the contractor must determine your heating and cooling requirements. The contractor examines numerous elements to arrive at an appropriate figure.

These factors include the size, age, and location of your home. Furthermore, materials used for the construction of your home have a role as the installation is mostly done on walls or windows. Therefore, the number of doors, windows, and floors matters.

Locating The Most Suitable Areas For Installation

The AC specialist will then decide where they should place the inside and outdoor heating and cooling equipment. The AC service providers will assess the property to determine the most cost-effective positions for your units.

Outdoor Units Can Be Challenging To Install

The outdoor installation requires a level concrete slab. It requires at least three feet of clearance to function properly.

Working On HVAC Ducting

The ductwork is another process that requires patience and attention. Technicians will inspect your current ducting before installation. They will look for any damage and fix or seal it. Even if you have a top-of-the-line AC system, leaky ducts can make it ineffective. They will also clean the ducts if there is a lot of dust. Clean ducts aid in airflow clearing.

Checking For Leaks In The Refrigerant Lines

Another important step is to inspect the refrigerant lines for any leakage. If they find out they’re in bad shape, they will prescribe a complete replacement. Since they need to get the pipe length right, it might take some time. They can also braze and solder the pipes. After that, they will do a leak test. They also connect the condensate drain, install the air filter, and charge the refrigerant. The latter is very important since it contributes to better indoor air ventilation and safety.

Don't Let AC Installation Be A Disruption to Your Comfort.

You can better prepare your house now that you know how long an HVAC installation takes. You can adjust your timetable to avoid any unnecessary interruption. Many reasons might make AC installation or repair difficult. However, if you take all necessary steps to minimize human error and work with AC specialists, the AC installation and replacement will be done smoothly and on schedule.

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