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How Long Does It Take To Install Central Heating Equipment?

If you desire to install a new heating system or replace the old one, you should do it three to four weeks before the winter. The reason is the complications involved in the heating installation in Chico, CA. Central heating installation can be done within a day or two weeks.

Generally, installation requires three to five days, but some unfavorable conditions can stretch the process to weeks. The heating installation will cost you between $3000 and $9000. The duration and cost of the same depend on multiple factors.

The Central Heating Installation Involves

  • Boiler Installation: If your system needs a new installation, it will take approx three days. On the other hand, it only takes 6 hours to replace the old boiler with a new one.

  • Radiator And Pipework Setup: If you are installing a new heating system at a new residence, the process includes a radiator or floor heating system installation and pipework. It can take five or more than five days.

  • Furnace Replacement: If you are only replacing the old system, the process will be quick as it will not involve any disruptive process, such as radiator installation or pipework setup. The installation may take 1 to 3 days.

Things That Affect Heating Installation

The heating installation process is mostly the same for all heating systems but with a little difference. This difference determines how long the heating installation will take. 

There are three factors that affect the central heating installation:

  • New Installation Or Replacement
    An entire new installation always takes more time than the replacement, irrespective of the HVAC system you get installed. The same is the case with the central heating installation.

  • Heating Equipment Type
    An electric heater will take less than a day to install, whereas gas and oil furnaces take more time. Even the replacement duration will not be the same if you are switching from one fuel type to another fuel type. For instance, switching from oil to gas will need more hours.

  • The Number Of Rooms: The installation time for a central heating system also depends on the size of your house. If your house is too big and there are many rooms, then the technician will have to fit the radiators, pipework, and heating unit in each room, and this entire process will take longer than the heating installation in a small house.

    Some other things you should remember when installing the new heating unit are that the installation process can involve a water supply cut and forbid a gas cooker. Ensure that you have stocked water and food before the installation process. 


We hope the information provided will help you prepare for central heating installation. If you are a resident of Chico, CA, and surrounding areas, you don’t have to worry about the efficiency of the installation technician. 

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