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How Often Should A New AC Unit Be Serviced?

The summer in Chico, CA, goes nowhere for 3 to 4 months. The Air conditioner acts as a blessing during these hot days. This blessing needs maintenance and care to stay longer with us. When we replace the air filter, clean the condenser, and drain lines, protect AC from rain and sun rays, and give our AC a rest for some time, these all indicate we maintain our AC well. One major part of AC maintenance is still missing: the annual air conditioning service in Chico, CA. 

Only an HVAC expert can do the annual servicing of our AC. With his in-depth knowledge of AC equipment, a technician can find and solve even the smallest fault inside the AC. Thus, AC services make our air conditioner more efficient.

Spring And Fall Are The Time For AC Servicing.

AC works better and more efficiently if you get annual servicing done not only once but twice. Although, you can prefer once-a-year servicing for your new AC before the arrival of summer. The spring season is the closest to the summer season. When you go for AC servicing during this period, you can use your AC without any trouble during the summer season. 

For the second AC servicing, the fall season is the best time. Till fall, we have used our AC constantly. Hence, our AC needs an inspection before turning it off and keeping it aside. The AC servicing consists of thorough inspection, cleaning, repair, and replacement. You will get A to Z data of your AC unit, including the life of AC equipment, condition of other parts, etc. This data will help you in providing the necessary maintenance to your AC.

Take A Wise Step Toward Finance And The Environment.

The AC servicing is a good decision for both finance and the environment. Almost every household in Chico, CA, owns an AC system, and HVAC consumes the maximum energy compared to all other house equipment. It becomes more important to get the AC servicing done and reduce its energy consumption level. One can also install solar energy solutions to use the electrical equipment of the house. When AC reaches its maximum age limit, AC replacement in Chico, CA, should be preferred to save energy. 

How Is AC Servicing Beneficial?

Annual AC servicing includes all those processes that are helpful in the smooth operation of every component of AC. AC gets rid of dirt, pollutants, debris, blockage, cracks, faulty parts, and improper power supply. 

If not fixed on time, these can completely damage your air conditioning unit. In short, AC servicing ensures your AC must not cheat you during the summer season. For annual AC servicing, home energy solutions, and solar energy solutions, you don’t have to find different companies as Climate Energy Solutions is an expert at every HVAC-related task. 

We assure maintenance for your AC system and a better atmosphere (air) for you to live in. Trust us, and let us help you with our high-quality HVAC services. Book your appointment today.