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Is A Ductless Mini-Split System Right For Your Home?

Most homeowners in Chico, CA, have a ducted AC system as it is more common than a ductless system. Over time, the disadvantages of a ducted air conditioning system have led to the increase in the popularity of ductless AC systems that are commonly known as mini-split AC.
Ducted HVAC is complex to install, needs larger space, and consumes more energy than a ductless AC system.

Information About The Ductless System

Most ductless systems are wall-mounted. This system has two in one benefit. A ductless HVAC can cool your home in the summers and warms it up during winters.
The most noticeable difference between both systems is “No ductwork is required” in a mini-split AC installation. It consists of two units, i.e., an indoor and an outdoor unit.

The refrigerant lines and wiring connect the indoor and outdoor units.
They come with both single-zone and multi-zone features. If you are about to install an AC for your new house or want to replace the old AC, the ductless AC system installation can be the best option.

How is a Ductless System Better Than a Ducted HVAC?

Ductless HVAC does not have one, two, or three benefits, but it has many benefits. 6 Advantages of a ductless system are:

1. Beneficial Throughout The Year: Ductless system is not limited to only cool air or warm air as it gives both. The versatility of the ductless system allows you to keep using it throughout the year. It provides comfort during summer as well as winter.

2. Less Complex Installation: Because of the absence of ductwork, mini-splits are easy to install. The installation process is less time-consuming and less expensive. The indoor unit is usually wall-mounted, and a refrigerant line and cables connect both the indoor and outdoor unit.

3. Save Energy and Money: Ductless systems are more energy-efficient than ducted systems. It consumes less power than a ducted AC but provides sufficient cooling. As it is energy efficient, it reduces utility bills. In this way, a ductless system saves energy as well as money.

4. Zoning Benefit: In a ductless system, you can control the temperature of each room separately without the need to install a zoning system. Some mini-split ACs come with multi-zone benefits.

5. Better For Interior: As there is no ductwork, one can get rid of painting and patching the ducts. A mini-split AC gives a better interior look than a ducted system.

6. Ideal For a Small Home: Ductless systems are less expensive, less power-consuming, and more cost-effective than a ducted system. They occupy less space and are a perfect choice for a small home.

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