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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs A Recharge

Global warming and climate change have made temperatues unpredictable these days and that is why AC systems have become a necessity in every household to provide relief from extreme temperatures.

Have you noticed that your AC system is providing low-quality performance? You should know why your AC performance is decreasing, so you can take appropriate steps to stop the downfall.

1. Why is Your AC System Performance Degrading?

Here are some reasons for the reduced quality services of the AC system, according to the Chico air conditioning repair experts:

  • Blocked AC filters
  • Dirty condenser coils and fins
  • Depleting refrigerants levels
  • Malfunctioning compressor
  • Frozen evaporator coils

2. Why is Refrigerant Essential in The AC System Functioning?

Refrigerant is an essential component that makes the concept of cooling the surroundings possible. It is a chemical capable of exchanging and storing heat from the surrounding air and lowering the air temperature due to the absence of heat. Compressor, condenser coils, evaporator, and expansion valve are responsible for the refrigerant liquid transformation to take the heat from the surrounding air. And you receive chill air services on the other side of the end after processing.

3. Signs That Indicate The AC Needs a Refrigerant Refill Service

Here are some signs that indicate you need to call the Chico air conditioning repair experts for a quick refill service:

Warm Air From The Vents

Warm air from the vents does not mean the refrigerant levels are exhausted, but it could be one of the reasons. When the compressor does not get enough refrigerant for processing, you might get warm air no matter how much you lower the temperature.

Increased Electricity Bills

If the refrigerant levels are exhausted, the compressor will work harder to collect the remaining refrigerant in the coils. When the AC system components work harder, you might see a surge in the electricity bills. Sometimes, the AC fuse trips down if the compressor consumes more electrical energy than required.

Frozen Refrigerant Lines

Ice on the refrigerant lines is another sign one should never ignore and call the air conditioning service experts in Chico. It happens due to the change in the airflow pressure, and the refrigerant flows back to refrigeration coils. The moisture around the refrigeration coils freezes up because of the low temperature of the refrigerant.

Hissing or Bubbling From The AC Outdoor Unit

Hissing or bubbling sounds can be a leakage in the refrigeration coils. You should call the AC system experts earliest if you find any holes or gaps in the refrigeration coils or tubes. If you do not repair the leakage issue early on, you might have to deal with massive problems in the future.


The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has restricted freon gas usage from further use due to its harmful effects on the environment and the ozone layer.
Climate Energy Solutions experts are here to help you with all your comfort issues in your household. Contact and hire air conditioning service technicians in Chico to recharge your AC system to deliver optimal AC services.