Our goal is to provide our customers with the best Solar experience possible. This includes an Complete Energy Audit of your home. The purpose is to make sure that we are spending our customers dollars wisely. We may suggest energy improvements ( New higher efficient A/C unit, increased attic insulation, replacement of leaky duct system, high efficiency pool pump ect…) before solar reductions. This will result in increased value to the home owner instead of just a larger solar system to off-set the energy Inefficiencies of the home. We find that when given the options that home owners really appreciate that we are looking out for their best interest in a whole house approach to saving energy.

  • Complete Home energy Audit of Home
  • Accurate modeling proposal software showing costs, reductions and Rate of Return of the Investment
  • U.S. made products – Panels – Inverters – Hardware
  • Premium products with 25 year warranties
  • Monitoring of your system (down to the panel) for Accountable production & Warranty purposes
  • Fast, turnkey installation - Including permits and PG&E NEM inter-connection
  • OWN your solar with $0 down
  • Easy Government sponsored financing