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Every home has unique energy needs––and can have energy improvements as well. At Climate & Energy Solutions, we’ll offer a complete energy audit of your Chico home. We’ll look for key elements to raise the value of your home and your energy efficiency, beyond a large solar system. However, solar energy systems are a good way to reduce your energy bill and power your home. Solar panels need to be installed by experienced and well-trained technicians. The systems can be expensive and will cost you more if installed poorly. Reach out to a dependable team of solar installers to give you a fair estimate and a skilled installation of your solar system.

Call Climate & Energy Solutions at (530) 779-0002 for a free first service call and an estimate of your solar opportunities from our solar company in Northern California.

Common Energy Improvements

Before looking into a Northern California solar energy system, there are other ways to lower your energy output, including:

  • Installing a more efficient AC unit
  • Increasing your attic insulation
  • Replacing or patching ductwork
  • Upgrading to a high-efficiency pool pump
  • Installing a smart thermostat with automatic settings
  • Investing in an energy-efficient water heater

In making the best solar decision for your family, consider the solar site’s shade potential, orientation toward the sun, and system efficiency.

How Long Do Solar Panels Last?

Contractors will generally state that solar panels last from 25 to 30 years. In reality, solar panels do not have an age limit as much as a long term degradation in efficiency. After 25 years, solar panels are usually estimated to function at 80% of their initial efficiency. This number is built on an estimate that the panels will lose 0.8% of their efficiency every year. 25 years is often the length of the warranty affixed to newly installed solar panels; however, they are capable of producing energy for much longer assuming they are properly maintained and spared from any physical damage.

Energy Saving Rooftop Solar Panels

If you want to install a hybrid solar system, off-grid, or a DC-powered system, talk to a solar installation expert in Butte County. Factors for the cost of the system include the size of your home, location of the system, and local rebates. At Climate & Energy Solutions, we’ll use premium parts with 25-year warranties to guarantee a sturdy and long-lasting system for powering your home. We’ve worked with houses in the Chico area for years, and we promise top-caliber solar installation.

To see our work in action, check out the Video Gallery where some of our high-performance projects are on display.

Call us today at (530) 779-0002 to discover unique solar options for your home and preferences from our solar installers in Chico, CA.

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