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Tips To Make Your Ductless System More Efficient

The mini split is the newest and most popular technology for efficient energy use in the HVAC world. Not only are they an excellent alternative to conventional systems, but the experienced ductless technicians in Oroville, CA, believe they will achieve the effectiveness of all air and heating units.
If you’re thinking of changing your system or deciding on the mini-split option to solve your energy issues, it is essential to learn how to increase the efficiency of your ductless.

Are You Looking At Ways You Can Make The Ductless System More Efficient?

Ductless mini splits can be the ideal solution to many HVAC systems challenges, such as when you cannot find enough space for ductwork. Tips to increase the efficiency of ductless systems:

  • Properly Manage Mini-Split Run Time: Central HVAC systems turn between 15 and 30 minutes or so; however, this isn’t true for mini splits. It’s tempting to switch the mini split off and on or dramatically alter the temperature settings to save energy. While it may be the most efficient method to save money when using other HVAC equipment, mini splits work best when used consistently.

  • Direct Airflow Effectively According To Season: Warm air rises while cooler, more dense air sinks. Ductless repair experts in Oroville, CA, advise running a mini-split by directing airflow to consider this. Set your mini split’s temperature handlers in summer, when you’re using AC to cool your house by redirecting the flow of air upwards.
    In winter, direct the airflow toward the floor to maximize your mini split’s efficiency in heating. This small change can allow more airflow and can help you cool and heat your home more efficiently.

  • Ensure Proper Size & Placement: Similar to every HVAC piece of equipment, correct sizing is vital. Equipment that is too small can result in the system overworking. This can negatively impact the lifespan of the equipment and prevent it from being able to create cold or warm air correctly. In comparison, equipment that is too large won’t function effectively and could result in low humidity, short cycle, and wasted energy and money.

  • Utilize A Mixture Of Sources Of Heat: Mini-splits can be used in colder weather, however, extreme cold or hot temperatures can impact the mini-split efficiency requiring frequent ductless repair services in Oroville, CA. If you reside in a location subject to more than one or two weeks of extreme temperatures, your home must have an additional heating source, such as electric heaters or furnaces.

  • Make Use Of Windows & Blinds: Another easy way to boost the effectiveness of your mini split ductless heater is to install blinds and windows to maintain the temperature of your house. When the sunlight shines through the windows, it emits radiant heat.
    You’ll want to minimize the heat in summer, so closing your window blinds during the day is recommended. However, opening the blinds during the day to let the sunshine into your home will naturally warm your home during winter.

Bottom Line

Many homeowners try to reduce maintenance costs – unaware that it causes larger issues when their ductless HVAC system is not operating efficiently and draws more energy than it normally would.

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