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Top 3 Signs Your Furnace Needs A Good Cleaning

A furnace is responsible for increasing the temperature in your home and maintaining airflow. Proper ventilation is necessary to keep dust, bacteria, and other harmful particles out of the house.

Heater repair experts in Oroville say the dust in your residence can increase if the furnace system is dirty. Increased dirt and dust can activate allergens and cause respiratory problems for yourself and other family members.

Signs That Indicate Your Furnace System Needs A Good Cleaning

Our experts have made a list of signs that indicate your furnace system requires a specialist to tune up the system and optimize its functioning:

  • Dust and Debris

It is recommended to visit the attic weekly to inspect the furnace system and keep it clean. Dust, dirt, and grime settle on the furnace system if you do not clean it for a long time. These particles block the air filter, and the furnace will begin to work improperly and inefficiently.

  • High Energy Bills

Dust and debris are significant reasons behind repairing issues and high energy bills. These particles get in the way of the functioning, and the furnace consumes more electricity to maintain performance.

  • Yellow Furnace Flames

The pilot flame or the pilot light in the furnace system should have blue flames. If there is a yellow or orange flame, it is a clear sign the burners are clogged with dust and soot. Call our heater repair expert in Chico, CA, to inspect the system before it leads to carbon monoxide leakage.

Expert Tips For Maintaining Your Furnace System

Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your system clean and efficient:

  • When winter arrives, replace the air filter before you use the furnace system for the first time.

  • Gently dust off the dirt from the system. Follow this tip weekly, so the dust does not settle on the furnace system.

  • Schedule furnace maintenance service at cost-effective rates to inspect and fix the furnace system.

  • Check the condensate weekly to ensure it is draining appropriately. Pour hot water into the condensate drain to clean the pipe internally. After pouring the hot water, pour one spoonful of baking powder and one cup of vinegar to keep the mold away from the condensate pipe.

  • Keep an eye on the registers and vents to ensure nothing is restricting the airflow.

  • Invest in a programmable thermostat to maximize savings and reduce comfort issues.

Will Professional Maintenance Help Keep Your Furnace Clean?

Maintenance services from our heater repair company in Oroville will keep your furnace system clean and ensure your furnace runs optimally. Our furnace servicing experts will also perform a tune-up service to upgrade the furnace’s functioning.


Keeping the furnace system clean and tidy is necessary to ensure you and your loved ones remain healthy and comfortable. You can invest in an air purifier if your indoor air quality is low.

At Climate Energy Solutions, our experts will help you fix all your HVAC problems. We offer cost-effective furnace services to ensure your home does not run out of heat. Call (530)338-0191, and our heater repair experts in Chico, CA, will be happy to answer your questions.