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Troubleshooting Tips For The Central Heater That Is Not Blowing Hot Air

A furnace is a great example of how technology can improve our lives. It provides warmth and comfort, helping to keep us healthy and productive. With a furnace, we no longer have to worry about the cold weather affecting our ability to work or enjoy our homes. While a furnace may sometimes malfunction, overall it is a valuable asset that provides many benefits.

Before you schedule a heating repair in Chico, CA, you should be aware of the sources of the malfunction.

Furnace Not Blowing Hot Air: Reasons And Solutions

We can divide the reasons for this furnace failure into three parts. Some of these failures have DIY solutions, while some require professional heating repair in Chico, CA. These three parts are:

Thermostat Related Issues

  • If your thermostat works with batteries, you should check it frequently or whenever you notice a furnace failure. Dead batteries or low-powered batteries are probably accountable for poor furnace mechanisms.
  • When the central heating fan runs continuously and is always switched to the “ON” mode, it results in the absence of hot air. A furnace compressor stops working after reaching the set temperature and starts working again when the temperature goes below the settings on the thermostat. The central heater will not blow hot air if the fan works when the compressor is not.

Solution: Check the thermostat’s batteries and replace them if they are not working. You can change thermostat batteries yourself by following the instructions in the manual. Make sure you set the fan to “Auto” mode to get rid of the constantly running fan.

Furnace Cleaning Requirement

  • If the furnace’s gas valve and drain lines are clogged, it is obvious that the entire furnace mechanism will be affected. This blockage happens due to excessive dirt.
  • The furnace filter, like the AC filter, needs replacement too. It will pass this dirt to other components and degrade their condition if it is extremely dirty. Ultimately, this will lead to a downfall in the heating capacity of the central heating system.

Solutions: Check the gas valve and condensate lines to ensure these are clean. If you find dirt, clean them properly using a vacuum, soft brush, and water. Replace the air filter of the furnace system once every three months.

Component's Poor Condition

The furnace system can provide hot air only if it has enough fuel. If the gas or propane amount is insufficient, it will lead to the inefficiency of the furnace system. If any part of the furnace, i.e., heat exchanger, condenser, motor, etc., is damaged or cracked, the heating process will stop.

Solution: Contact our technicians for furnace inspection and heater repair in Chico, CA.

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