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What Is Involved In An AC Tune-Up?

Spring is the season for air conditioning adjustments and preventive maintenance to keep HVAC systems running efficiently during the summer. Preventive maintenance has many advantages. With regular attention, the air conditioner works more efficiently and makes you more comfortable at home.

With this small investment, you can prolong the life of your system while preventing costly repairs. Conditioned Air provides the best AC tune-up and ductless AC repair in Chico, CA, to ensure your device is ready before the hot summer weather hits.

What Does AC Tune-Up Consist Of:

Tuning the AC system is the same as tuning a car. It is designed to keep your air conditioner running with maximum efficiency. HVAC tune-up consists of:

• Check And Tighten Electrical Connections

Loose or damaged wiring between the thermostat, outdoor unit, and power supply can impact performance or shut down the system when most needed. We inspect and tighten all connections to ensure your HVAC equipment has the right power.

• Lubricate Moving Parts

During the tune-up, a small amount of oil is applied to the right parts reducing friction, increasing energy costs, and reducing performance. Friction also leads to premature wear of parts.

• Clean Condenser And Evaporator Coils

Pollen, dirt, grass clippings, and other debris reduce the system’s ability to cool the house effectively. If the coil is clogged, the system will run longer, and the energy cost will be higher.

• Check The Coolant Levels

When you perform an AC tune, experts will also check the coolant level in your air conditioner. If the coolant level is low, the device has a problem cooling the air.

When the coolant runs out, your device blows hot air into the house. We check the coolant level to ensure the unit has enough coolant to enable the air conditioner to provide proper cooling.

• Inspect The Condensate Drain Line

The final step in AC tuning is to inspect the drain line. When your device cools the air, it leads to a small amount of condensation. It is caused by the contact of hot air with cold coolant. The air conditioner has a condensate pan with a drain line.

If the drain line is clogged, water will not be able to drain from the unit. Most devices have a sensor that shuts down the device if it cannot drain water. Therefore, it is important to check to ensure the line is working.


Homeowners can not only schedule pre-season annual maintenance but also regularly replace air filters and open internal vents to protect the system. Regularly scheduled HVAC system maintenance is essential for comfortable air conditioning in your home. When an expert inspects the system, they have the experience and knowledge to determine if the unit needs to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

Today, heating and air conditioning specialists are knowledgeable, reliable, and thorough in performing accurate AC services and inspections. Climate & Energy Solutions We have professionals for all your air conditioning needs, ranging from ductless replacement in Chico, CA, to repairs and installation. Contact us today to book your service now.