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What To Check First If Your Heating System Isn’t Working

Any heating system, whether a furnace or a heat pump, has a minimum lifespan of ten years. If you get your HVAC unit serviced by experienced Chico HVAC contractors, the heating system can last up to 15 to 20 years.

Although a heating unit is a one-time investment for more than a decade, you still need to invest in its servicing and repairs to maintain the HVAC efficiency. However, if you know what to do when your heater is not working, you may save money on repairs by troubleshooting the heating issues without any professional help.

Things To Check First If Your Heating System Is Not Working:

Some suggest inspecting the thermostat, and some advice checking the filter or condenser when our heating system malfunctions. If you follow the correct order of furnace inspection, you will save time and effort by finding the source of the problem quickly. The correct order to inspect the heater that is not working is as follows:

  • Ensure Your Furnace is ON

Ensure you have switched your HVAC system into heating mode and the furnace switch is “ON”. Also, check if the furnace circuit in the circuit breaker is lifted upward.

  • Verify Temperature Settings

Next, check the thermostat to verify whether the temperature settings are accurate. The accurate temperature depends on the climate of your region. The fan should also be on “Auto” mode. If your thermostat cannot cope with the temperature settings, check its batteries and replace dead batteries.

If your thermostat is not working even after battery replacement, contact our reputed Chico HVAC contractors for a repair.

  • Inspect The Fuse Box

After the thermostat inspection, if your furnace is still not working, inspect the fuse box. Make sure the circuit is not tripped and the wiring is intact. Restart the circuit breaker to fix the circuit tripping issue. If the blown fuse has become a repetitive problem, contact the electrician to fix it.

  • Observe The Problem

You will get an idea of the root cause of the heating malfunction if you observe the problem you are facing. When uneven temperature or poor air quality troubles you, dirty air filters and drain line clogging are the most common reasons. If you smell strange odors or hear odd noises, there can be issues with the ignitor light or gas valve.

  • Ensure The Heating System is Dirt-Free

There should be no dirt on the pilot light, condenser, evaporator coil, etc. If these components are dirty, the heater will not work efficiently. Your heating system will receive a deep cleaning service if you contact our HVAC contractors in Oroville, CA, for an annual tune-up.

  • Insulation and Ductwork

Sometimes, the heating system also malfunctions due to insufficient fuel. If there are cracks in ductwork, the refrigerant will leak and reduce the fuel quantity. Rotten insulation also needs to be replaced on time, as it causes heating malfunctions.

Get Your Furnace Inspected

After following all the instructions, if your furnace is still not working, it’s time to contact our HVAC contractors in Oroville, CA, to troubleshoot your problematic heater. Climate Energy Solutions can take care of your comfort by providing all HVAC services. We also take care of our environment by offering solar energy solutions. Call us at 530-338-0191 to book a service.