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What Type of Heating System Do I Have?

Do you have any knowledge about the heating system of your home? Knowing the type of your heating system is necessary to maintain the function of all the parts according to the unit’s requirements. It gives you multiple benefits, such as improving the lifespan of a heating unit, lowering energy consumption, and ensuring efficient heating throughout the building.

Learn more about the type of your heating system and enjoy the cozy and comfortable winters with your family.

  • Heaters or Furnaces

Such heating systems burn oil, electricity, or natural gasses to produce heat. Heaters or furnaces work on the mechanism of distribution of heated air via ductwork throughout the building. These units are usually installed in a closet, attics, or basement. You can discuss the features of your HVAC model with the technicians whenever you call them for heater repair in Oroville.

  • Heat Pumps

How to know whether you have a heater or a heat pump? If you use your heating system throughout the years, it is a heat pump. A heat pump can keep your home warm in the winters and can throw the heat outside in the summers to keep your home cool.

Heat pumps have two units, indoor as well as outdoor. The mechanism of its working is similar to traditional furnaces. They also circulate the hot air through the ducts in the building. Nowadays, ductless heat pumps are also very popular. You can check the label on the system’s body for more information or google the model number. You can also ask your experts about the details of the model before planning a heating replacement Chico CA.

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

A geothermal heat pump uses the earth’s natural temperature to produce hot or cold air for your home. Know more details about these energy-efficient HVAC systems by checking the label on the unit.

  • Boilers

A boiler is an HVAC device that provides hot water and heats your home. It has two components: the furnace part that produces heat, and the other is a vessel to heat the water. Your boiler can be an electrical model or use oil or gas as fuel to produce heat.

  • Package Units

Package units work year-long to offer the best temperature to your family, whether it’s summers or winters. A package unit is an HVAC system that is capable of heating as well as cooling your home. These units are installed on your home’s roof or a slab outside the home.

Ductwork connects them with your home and helps in circulating the air. Therefore, if you have only one combined unit capable of heating your home in the winters and cooling it in the summers, it is a package unit.

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