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When To Service Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners serve as a first-line defense against the damaging effects of high temperatures and tropical weather. Also, millions of people suffer from heat intolerance every year, and unfortunately, heat intolerance can affect anyone, regardless of origin.

Therefore, to ensure you never suffer from any discomfort during the summers, it is imperative to call professionals for service or AC repair in Chico, CA. If you do not have your air conditioner repaired, it will accumulate dirt and grime and eventually break down. The inability of an air conditioner to function is a direct cause of air conditioning malfunction.

How Frequently Should You Service Your Cooling Device?

Your air conditioning system can allow you to live conveniently in muggy and hot climates. This comfort level must not get jeopardized by an air conditioner breakdown. The frequency with which your air conditioning unit is repaired is determined by how much you use it.

If you use your unit every week of the year, it may be worthwhile to have it repaired at least three times a year. If you only use it occasionally or only in the summer, you should have it maintained once a year properly.

How Can You Service Your Air Conditioning Device?

If you want to do primary service or repairs to your air conditioner yourself, that’s fine as long as you’re careful and know what you’re doing. You should not attempt to make changes or repairs to your unit if you have no idea what you are doing, as you may further damage it. When working on your AC unit, ensure it never remains tucked in and that no power is being supplied to it, as you could electrocute yourself.

Remove The Air Filters

Washing the filter is an effortlessly simple solution to the dust and debris buildup that is almost always present in the filter of your air conditioning system. To do this, remove the filter, exfoliate the dirt away, rinse, and replace.

Hence, you must perform this regularly, especially in humid climates where mold and harmful bacteria can quickly accumulate. If you have allergies, a buildup of dirt in your filter can aggravate them and make your life miserable. Therefore, it is prudent to regularly clean your air filters to keep your AC working well.

Clean The Rest of Your Unit

After cleaning the filter, you can proceed to wash the remainder of your air conditioning system. You mustn’t try to open the outside unit when washing and cleaning without disassembling it. After cleaning the filter, make sure that all interior vents are tidy and clean, brushing off any visible dust or dirt and clearing away debris. Pour a half-bleach, half-water solution into the outside sewer to prevent mold and fungus from growing in your ducts.

While performing some primary AC services yourself, you must hire professionals for complete maintenance, repairs, or ductless AC installation in Chico. At Climate Energy Solutions, we are a leading name in the HVAC industry, offering the best air conditioner services at the most affordable rates. To book an appointment, call us at 530-338-0191, and we would love to serve you.