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Why Is Your Furnace Making A Loud Noise?

While choosing a new HVAC system, most people forget to consider the noise levels the system may make while operating in their home. You can try some methods on your own to stop the noise. However, if the issue persists, contact Climate Energy Solutions and get in touch with a heating repair technician to inspect the furnace.

Types Of Noises From A Furnace That Indicates Problems With The Furnace

The furnace system makes odd and loud noises if an issue is building inside the system. According to our heating replacement experts in Chico, CA, you should consult a technician if you hear the following noises:

  • Banging, pinging, or popping
  • Tapping, thumping, or clicking
  • Screeching, squealing, or metallic sounds
  • Humming
  • Whistling
  • Rumbling
  • Rattling

Reasons Why Your Furnace System Makes Weird Noises

According to our Chico HVAC contractor, the following are the reasons that would explain the loud and strange noises from the furnace system:

  • Improperly Sealed Ducts

The insulation on the ducts and sealants to fix the joints deteriorates over time. So, poorly secured ducts can produce banging, pinging, or popping noise. However, if you hear a banging noise from the burners, contact our heating replacement technician in Chico, CA, as it may indicate a problem with the combustion process.

  • Blower Belt And Motor Issues

You may hear a thumping or clicking noise if the blower belt is broken or the belt bearings have loosened. You can check the blower fan and tighten the bolts and covers to resolve the issue.

  • Malfunctioning Blower Motor

A blower motor helps run the fan to push the air from the furnace system to the interiors. You can hear a screeching sound if a bearing failure in the motor or a part of the blower fan is broken.

  • Damaged Transformer

A furnace produces a humming or buzzing noise when there is a fault in the electrical controls or a damaged transformer. It is best to call one of our experts for heating repair when there is a fault in the HVAC system’s electrical controls.

  • Clogged Air Filter

Dust and dirt accumulated in the air filter obstruct the airflow and hinder the system’s efficiency. You may hear a whistling noise when the air struggles to pass through the air filter. Leakage in the ductwork can also produce a similar noise.

  • Lack Of Maintenance

In a maintenance service, the technician lubricates the motor bearings of the mechanical components to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently. An unmaintained blower fan can produce rumbling noises and worsens if it keeps running for weeks. Call the technician at the earliest to inspect your furnace system.

  • Loosened Mechanical Components

Loose mechanical bolts, mounts, covers, or other components vibrate when the furnace runs and operates to deliver warm air. You can easily resolve the rattling sound at home. Shut down the system and tighten any loose bolts you find during the inspection.


It is best to keep checking the system on a monthly basis to ensure it works perfectly. If you find an issue, call one of the best Chico HVAC contractors, Climate Energy Solutions, for a quick inspection or repair service. Call 530-338-0191 and schedule a service today!