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How Often Should You Tune-Up Your AC?

When the hot summer peaks, your AC should be efficient enough to save you from heat and indoor pollutants. From your car to your house, almost everything needs maintenance. Without proper care and timely servicing, any machine’s condition will deteriorate. Therefore AC tune-up should be our priority for our comfort and health.

Advantages Of AC Tune-Up

  • Protects AC from server damage
  • Better to maintain than to repair
  • Save energy and save money
  • Good for AC lifespan

If you are curious to know what an AC tune-up includes, let us guide you on this.

An AC tune-up includes a complete inspection of the AC unit and electric connections, filter, drain pipe, condenser coil cleaning, and replacing parts that are no longer working.

Climate and energy solution is here to guide you throughout the process of AC tune-up and serve you with their AC repair in Oroville.

When Does My AC Need A Tune-Up?

Some signs make you aware of the need for a tune-up. These signs are:

Increased Electric Bills

When there is an unexpected rise in your utility bills, this problem cannot be avoided. It means your air conditioner is consuming more energy. Frequent increase in electricity bill also makes chances of overheating higher. It will harm the AC unit resulting in emergency repair needs.

Bad Odour And Loud Noises

The unpleasant smell and unusual noise coming out of your AC unit indicate the filter and condenser coil clog. With a tune-up, protect your AC and yourself from toxic components and their side effects.

Unsatisfactory Airflow

When the AC is not cooling the room or blowing warm air, a grounded compressor or a faulty thermostat is responsible. Consult an expert to avoid more damage

Leakage Issues

The clogged condenser or drain pipe results in refrigerant leakage. This leakage is harmful to your health. It also decreases the efficiency of your AC. AC servicing is the best solution to prevent leakage.

A Sudden Increase In Humidity Level

An AC usually comes with an inbuilt dehumidifier and a thermostat for temperature control. The thermostat that is not adjusting the temperature right, and the dehumidifier that is not balancing the humidity level, is a matter of concern. A tune-up will help you with this.

The Cost Involved In AC Tune-Up

The tune-up cost can be different at different locations. As of now, the air conditioning service in Chico can cost you anything between $30 to $90. These are the standard prices that may vary from company to company.

The tune-up provides strength to the AC to work for a longer duration with great power. If you are looking for the best AC repair in Chico, CA, and HVAC maintenance professionals, you need to contact Climate and Energy Solutions.

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